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New Band Alert: The Tragic Thrills

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Once upon a time there was a pop band called Allstar Weekend. They were wildly popular, having toured all over the world and enjoying the perks of being a Disney-esque pop band. Then one day, they went into the studio to record a new album and realized they were a completely different band with a different sound than before. Thus began the transformation from AllStar Weekend to The Tragic Thrills.

Below is their newly released video for their single “Tears”



They’ve only played a handful of shows so far but if you like what you see (hear) you can catch them tonight (10/25) at the Bootleg with Irontom.


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Video Premiere: Nightmare and the Cat- Be Your Own God

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LA based rockers Nightmare and the Cat have released their new video “Be Your Own God” from their debut EP Simple. While not the same as being able to see them kick some serious butt on stage, the next best thing is imagining this video was shot in your living room.

If you like what you see (and hear) you can catch them this Sunday 10/27 in LA at the El Rey with Sky Ferreira.


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New Band Love: Irontom

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“I think tonight I’ll be head banging in my sleep” – friend after seeing Irontom for the first time

The quote is particularly relevant as it came from someone who’s last shows with me were Joshua Radin, Rachael Yamagata, and Ryan Cabrera.  Irontom is…well, not like that.

Yes, this band is full of young promising talent. Yes, the music is fresh and exciting. Yes, there are quite a few bands that could be described as such. What sets Irontom apart is the seductive energy that comes through every rockin’ guitar lick or dramatic flick of frontman Harry Hayes’ hands. There is something about the band that can make just about anyone feel the groove and start to dance. They are that band that the more you listen to, the more you crave.

I’ve seen the band twice in the last week, so my craving is pretty extreme. Fortunately, the band is playing again next week opening for The Parlotones: Monday (May 6th) in San Diego at The Griffin and Tuesday (May 7th) at The Roxy.

If you can’t make it to Southern California, here are some other links to help you get more familiar with Irontom. Their The Loose EP can be downloaded on iTunes and the band has a new EP coming out something this month. Friend, follow, etc the band to get the details!






~ Kristen


LMN Interview: Bethpage Black

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Neurotic band members, an oddly defined sound and cheese. Say hello to Los Angeles’ own Bethpage Black


Los Angeles-town has no shortage of bands for me to talk about but we’re going to change things up a bit and let the band talk about itself. Why? Well, why not?

Bethpage Black ( is two things: a world famous golf course and a band that thinks to be defined by a whole new genre unto itself. “We call it ‘Sickle Pop,’” explains drummer-songwriter Steve Coy. “It’s aggressive pop-rock with a slight metal edge.”

Intriguing. As an up and coming band in LA, Bethpage Black has been making the rounds at local venues like the Viper Room and radio play on KROQ. On March 8th they’re primed to hit yet another renowned LA stage: the Troubadour for a night of rock solid local bands including the Crash Kings, the Active Set, and Light FM. I cornered Steve Coy for a little more info on the band.

LMN: So how long has the band been in existence? Who are the players and why are they here?

Steve Coy: In its current and best lineup, since May 2011, the players are me, Matt Carmichael (Vox/guitar), Davin Givhan (guitar), and Vivien Larena (bass). Collectively we are here I think because we like playing in a band where every song is a new experience instead of the “soundalike” scene where not only do 20 bands sound the same, but all 20 of their songs (if they have that many), sound the same. We’ve had people tell us our songs sound like everything from Death From Above 1979 to the Ataris to Muse to The Used to U2, and that’s definitely by design.

LMN:  What’s the musical definition of Bethpage Black?

Steve Coy: Bethpage Black is an effort to, as our guitarist Davin says, “always write better songs.” it’s a starkly simple statement but I think it’s our driving force, along with executing those songs better every time we play.

A visual aid, anyone? Video- “Losing My Nerve”

LMN:  Got it. Is that why you spend your spare time playing drums when there are homeless kittens around the world that need love?

Steve Coy: I’ve been many things in my life: Chef at LA’s #1 restaurant, web designer for major recording artists and superstar athletes, but it’s playing drums and writing songs for my unsigned, money-sucking rock band that’s brought me my greatest sense of personal triumph. When I wrote “I’ve Got Friends” in 5 minutes, I knew at least I’d created something undeniably great, and that will be with me forever. Music hurts me a lot, but she’ll never leave me. I suppose a cat wouldn’t either, though.

LMN: Never underestimate a cat. Now who’s the most neurotic member of the band?

Steve Coy: Unquestionably me. The days and weeks leading up to a big show, I want to jump off a cliff, until we play our first note, then it’s smooth as eggs! Davin is neurotic in a different way, more of a Rain Man, I’d play guitar for 16 hours a day if I could kind of way.

LMN: I think I know the answer to this but I’ll ask anyway: what band do you want to be bigger than?

Steve Coy: Foster The Fucking People. I want to stomp them out of humanity’s collective musical memory, and you can print it exactly like that. They are the opposite of, say, Young The Giant or Saint Motel, to name two other LA “indie-whatever-pop-rock” bands that would probably get booked on a festival with FTP but who wipe the floor with them in every conceivable way.

LMN: Final and most important question: cheese or cotton candy?

Steve Coy: Cheese–my goodness, what an invention! The first person to willingly eat the solid by-products of fermented milk–that’s a brave human.

This is the stuff of greatness or insanity, folks. Either way, you can catch it in the live on March 8th at the Troubadour when Bethpage Black rock out along with the amazing Crash Kings. Get a ticket or two right here:


This interview was conducted by friend of Local Music Nation, Trina N. Green (AKA @dharma69 also of High Voltage Magazine and The Owl Magazine). 

LA Calendar update: Nathan Angelo on Friday at Room 5

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I recently downloaded the Noisetrade Fall Sampler from I’m enjoying so many of the artists on it. Atlanta artist, Nathan Angelo makes an appearance on the sampler with his song “Follow Your Heart”. I looked him up and noticed that he’s playing LA this Friday (October 7th) at Room 5 at 8pm with Chris Ayer and Matt Simons (I assume in a round scenario). They are followed by Parker Ainsworth at 10pm so all in all a great night of singer-songwriters!

~ Kristen

Twin Atlantic: new single, contest, and US tour dates!

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This morning I was casually listening to a live internet chat with two of the members from Scottish alt rock band, Twin Atlantic. Sam (vocals) and Ross (bass) spend some time answering random questions from fans and then played a couple of tunes from their record, Free. One of the songs played was “Make a Beast of Myself” which, incidentally, is one of my favorites from the album and their newest single.  The band just released a video for this song. What’s more is that if you watch this video and can find and click on the hidden link, you’re entered into a contest to win a guitar that was used by Sam in the “Time For You To Stand Up” music video.

I think this idea for a contest is genius! Even if you don’t win the guitar, you can still get a free song download.

Here’s the video. The hint for the contest is that Sam likes to paint…


Even more exciting than the potential to win a guitar, is the guarantee to see these gents live during their upcoming US tour with AWOLNATION (another band that made my SXSW ’11 mix).  They come to LA in a little over a month! November 3rd at The Music Box.



Finally, in case you were wondering, my favorite question asked during the chat session: “What is your favorite Biffy Clyro song?”

Answer: Ross: “Bubbles” (off Only Revolutions)
Sam: “Eradicate The Doubt” (off  The Vertigo of Bliss)

There is no such thing as too much Biffy in one’s life…:)


~ Kristen