SXSW Day 2: Another brief recap

Once again we find ourselves with little time for a true post but we figure it’s best to keep you cool cats in the loop (even if it’s not an extensive one). Also, you can expect us to write a more detailed post at the end of all this madness…

Our day started off in search of Twin Atlantic who somehow did not end up playing the previous day when they were supposed to. But we got an even better surprise, Doll and the Kicks! Check out this rather cool set list….


* Also, finally being able to see Twin Atlantic was a huge highlight!

* Dancing along to Purple Melon was pretty awesome. I always forget how good they are because they don’t have any music out 🙁

* Going to the Beaver Party and seeing Jodi Foster talk about the movie and Anton Yelchin in the crowd coupled with good food made this a really memorable party. We were sad to leave but had to move on.

* Finally getting to see Mother Mother and Empires play!

* Also, Augustana, while not what was expected, was a lovely treat.

* Seeing The Silent Comedy play (yes, again).

* Also, getting to sample tons of music and see favs Queen Caveat play twice in one day was pretty cool.

* The new discovery of Tailor Made Fable was great especially since an event like this is all about finding new band loves.

* Our day ended with a bang when we saw Lenka, Fitz and the Tantrums, Neon Trees, Taylor Locke, and Fierce Creatures play. Whew, what a day 🙂