New Band Alert/Love: The Tilt

Last night I was sitting at The Belly Up waiting for Italian Japanese to take the stage when I was met with this crazy force of female vocals. I wasn’t really sure what I was experiencing, all I knew is that I liked it.

“Fronted by lead singer Jesse Malley, and guitarist Jeff Irwin, The Tilt is a fresh brew of Organic Rock. Joining are members are Mike Stone drums, Billy Joe Clements bass, Ryan Weiss guitar. Members from The Pheromones, The Grass Heat and Family Wagon joined up to create the band – The Tilt.”

In a fushion of rock, blues, and country, local SD band The Tilt took The Belly Up stage by force and I’m wondering how I’ve missed them. You can download their ep from Facebook and check out their website.

I can’t wait to see them play again 🙂