SXSW Recap: 3/13

It’s 3:30 am (again) and despite having droopy eyes, I’m somehow awake (again). I’m not complaining mind you. I’m just making a statement about life during SXSW. Today was the unofficial start of the festival if you will. This is a day filled with long lines, wristband and badge pick up, hustling, waiting, and all kinds of running around. It isn’t till the evening time that the music really starts. And that, is magic.

Somehow I’ve already amassed 4 wristbands, 3 badges, and a bag of swag. Also managed to score a wonderful free veggie dog from the Hot Dog King cart courtesy of @girlshbo. And this is only day 1. Tomorrow promises to be even crazier but tonight was an excellent start.

Our musical night started with He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister playing as Rain Bro at Bayou Lounge as part of the ATN showcase. Following that was Viva City at Chuggin Monkey (dance party!), and was topped off with a healthy dose of Saint Motel at Treasure Island. It was great to finally see He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister and what better time than at SXSW?! And I must say, it was lovely to have that dance party with Viva City. A year is far too long to wait. And what can I say about Saint Motel other than what a great way to finish off the night. It made my night complete. Also, they have a free download if you head to their site!