“More Bacon Than The Pan Can Handle”

Today, is a Mike Doughty kind of day. I have been listening to his music all day long! I discovered Mr. Doughty through one of my favorite television shows, Veronica Mars. His song “I Hear the Bells” was featured on the soundtrack for the show and is still one of my favorites. I love his CD, Haughty Melodic, which also contains a couple other gems including “Your Misfortune” and “Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well.” Plus, it was created in collaboration with Dan Wilson (might help explain why I love it so much).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see Mike Doughty live until Spring ’08 when he went on tour to support his second CD Golden Delicious. It had taken me so many years to see him, mostly because whenever he came to Philly (where I was living at the time) his shows would sell out too fast. He is an entertaining performer with an arsenal of engaging songs on which he puts his unique “Mike Doughty” stamp.  I dare you to listen and not get hooked.

This week (Thursday 3/4), he’s in LA playing at The Troubadour.  I have yet to pick up his most recent CD, Sad Man, Happy Man, so this would be the perfect opportunity for me (and YOU!) to see what he’s been up to these past couple of years!

~ Kristen