T&S Co. at The Hotel Cafe- Residency Night 3

It’s just really hard to find the words to express how much fun I have whenever I get the opportunity to see these guys. Nights like this remind me why Truth & Salvage Co. is one of my fave LA bands…and there isn’t a better place to see them play than the Hotel Cafe.  Their energy seemed kicked up a notch further last night, perhaps due to the fact that it was Walker’s birthday. They played several of my faves, both old and new, starting with “Hail, Hail” and ending with an encore of “Pure Mountain Angel” (the way it should always be). They also did a fantastic cover of The Band’s “Shape I’m In.”  The typical crowd was there dancing and singing along. They were accompanied by their usual rowdy antics, which this time included a cupcake fight—seriously, icing everywhere! The only thing I’m craving now more than a cupcake is more T&S Co. Fortunately this whole thing will happen again next Friday, the 4th night of the band’s residency at The Hotel Cafe. I hope to see you there!

~ Kristen