The Bard Chronicles: Joan Jett and The Blackhearts at the San Diego County Fair 6/3/13

Joan Jett is an icon. And she is a cool icon because she plays the fair every year without fail which I find to be awesome. This year was even better though because in addition to playing the hits like Crimson and Clover, I Love Rock and Roll,  I hate Myself For Loving You, Cherry Bomb,  and the like, she played a TON of new stuff from the forthcoming album Unvarnished.  The new material still has the recognizable edge of Joan Jett but is lyrically applicable to today’s modern world. My personal favorite from the new material was a song called TMI which you can sample below. Honestly, after a day at the fair eating all kinds of  food like bacon truffle gouda fries, a giant falafel sandwich, and a cupcake, rocking out with Joan Jett was a perfect way to end the day and burn some calories. Could it have been a better day? I think not.