SXSW 2014- Thursday Recap

Fact: It is currently 3:03am in Austin, Texas and I’m just sitting down to write this recap. That should give you an idea of how well the day went. Although it must be said that today definitely had a theme amongst our camp which in it’s most basic terms was, be prepared and go with the flow because things will generally work out better than you might expect.

Today I was all about having a plan and I quickly threw it out the window because even the best laid plans can have a wrench thrown in. My original intent was to start the day with Mia Dyson but I was not able to get myself out of the hotel in time. Instead, I journeyed over to Palm Door just in time to catch Morning Parade who are a band from the UK. I was so enchanted by them that I found myself unable to move on or away from them. “One more song” is what I kept telling myself. Judging from fan reactions in the crowd, they played some favorites from old albums to newer ones. I really enjoyed myself there. I went to the indoor stage for Tove Lo who was running behind. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a set up with two percussionists and a synth player to accompany a singer and I honestly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. She had a lyric that really grabbed my attention which was, “I’m not on drugs, I’m just in love.” A sentiment I’m sure a lot of us can relate to.

IMG_0037 IMG_0042


I decided to journey down the road in the spirit of checking in on things, although I’m not really sure when that idea kicked in. I went over to Jackalope for our friend Jo’s Badass Bands Blog showcase. I got there just in time to catch the tail end of Little Wild which was definitely a little wild with one of the band members getting on the bar with a tambourine and what appeared to be a conga line going through the bar. Next up was Shakers, a band that was new to me and very fun to catch. Since I missed Mia Dyson earlier, I wanted to catch some of her set which was just up the road at Rustys and on our way to see Parade of Lights at the Brew Exchange. Kristen and I bopped in for part of a song before making the hike over to the west side. I finally got to see Parade of Lights play after far too long between shows. It was loud and it was good. It was familiar and new all at the same time.

IMG_3930 P1510320 P1510332 P1510345


Just up the street was Blacklist Royalty, which we (Kristen and I) sampled before parting ways. I was on a trek back to the hotel on the east side and Kristen was staying on the west side for Nightmare and the Cat as well as The Kin. I moseyed back over to Jackalope to catch the tail end of The Janks. Also new to me but not my LA counterpart. I walked up the street to Rusty’s again to catch The Silent Comedy when I found out the venue was running half an hour behind. Hello wrench in my plans. However, it all worked out because my west side cohort suffered the same problem and came back over to the east side and I caught some of Yellow Red Sparks on the patio at Rusty’s. There was some much needed resting a a bit of restorative yoga before a gang of us sang and danced along with The Silent Comedy to a very small crowd.

P1510358 IMG_3952 P1510388 P1510404


Since I had gone over to the west side it only seemed fit that I travel to the east side as well. Thankfully we found a wonderful pedicab driver by the name of Holt who happened to be driving a cab that was free! My feet were very thankful. The Rachel Ray Feedback House wristband was acquired and we went in to find G. Love was playing. In the spirit of sampling (my newfound “go with the flow and see what you can” motto), I went up the street to catch a band called Strypes, who are from Ireland and apparently playing their first US shows here at SXSW. Admittedly I didn’t know what to make of them at first but I quickly found myself really enjoying them. However, my feet were back to being angry. So after 4 songs in from Strypes, I wandered over to the IFC Fairgrounds to catch The Mowglis but truth be told, I wasn’t feeling well. After a brief respite (aka: twoish songs while I sat on the ground), I made my way back to the hotel in need of a break.



My break didn’t last very long but after some ginger ale and leftover fried rice, I was feeling a lot better than I was earlier. I accompanied Chelsea on the trek back to The Brew Exchange on the west side to catch Foreign Resort. I was waiting to meet back up with Kristen on the west side for a second round of Parade of Lights and The Silent Comedy. On my way over to the venues on Colorado, I heard a wonderful sound coming from the Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. Yes you read that right. I hung outside to listen and asked someone if they knew who was playing. I was informed that the trio I was watching went by the name of David and Olivia. The gentleman I spoke with was playing there on Saturday with his band J. Roddy Walston and they were on the bill with The Silent Comedy. I told him I was on my way to see them when he told me they were going on an hour later than the schedule said. Hello again, wrench. This was a conflict because now Parade of Light and The Silent Comedy were going to be playing at the same time! But, I kept it cool. I walked over to The Tap Room to confirm the news. Then I wandered up the block to TenOak to chat with the Parade of Lights fellas. As it got closer to show time for them (and the conflict) it because evident they were going to have to cancel their show. Big bummer. I was really looking forward to seeing a longer set from them but it just wasn’t in the cards for tonight. Instead, I enjoyed some of The Griswolds who were dealing with a very drunk and kind of amusing-but-only-because-I-don’t-have-to-deal-with-it crowd. They finished just in time for Trina, Kristen and I to join up and end our night with The Silent Comedy. This particular set was different from the previous ones and featured older songs like Gasoline, Impossible Name, and Road Song. To name a few. It was the perfect way to end my way. Like a cherry on top of a neapolitan sundae.

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Honorable mentions from Kristen today go out to Brick + Motor and Nina Nesbit.

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Recommendations for Tomorrow:
10:30am-1pm: BMI Brunch at The Lawn at The Four Seasons (98 San Jacinto Blvd)
11:35am: Finish Ticket at Whole Foods Rooftop (525 N Lamar Blvd)
12pm: Hozier at Hype Hotel (301 Brazos St)
12:30pm: Noah Gundersen at Buffalo Billards (201 E 6th ST)
12:30pm: The Strypes at Palm Door on 6th outdoor stage
2:35pm- The Heavy Heavy Hearts at Rusty’s (405 E 7th St)
3pm: Kid Karate at Cheer Up Charlies (900 Red River)
3:20pm- Dear Boy at Rusty’s (405 E 7th St)
5:10pm: Barcelona at Whole Foods Rooftop (525 N Lamar Blvd)
6pm: Ingrid Michaelson at The Market (319 Colorado St)
8:30pm- Night Terrors of 1927 at Bangers (79 Rainey St)
10pm: Queen Caveat at Firehouse Lounge (605 Brazo St)
10pm: Sir Sly at Trinity Hall at Old School (401 E 6th St)
12am: Magic Man at The Market (319 Colorado St)-
1am: Shakey Graves at The Gatsby (708 E 6th St)