New Music Tuesday 4/22/14 featuring Semi Precious Weapons, Neon Trees, Augustana

This week is chock full of awesome new releases including tons of LMN favorites!

Semi Precious Weapons– Aviation

This is probably one of the most anticipated album releases for me and other SPW fans because it’s taken so long (read: four years!) for them to finally get new music out! Thankfully the album is out and we can finally blast songs like “Drink,” “Free Booze,” and “Cherries On Ice” on repeat in our vehicles. This album is a mix of brand new tunes and songs we’ve heard them play for a few years (as noted above) but it’s all 100% Semi Precious Weapons. I also have to say, the production work on this album only enhances everything we’ve come to love about the band, it’s sexy, sensual, anthemic and rock and roll. I foresee this album being on repeat for a good long while.


Neon Trees– Pop Psychology

This is another big and exciting release because it’s been two years since Picture Show and it’s also a peek inside of frontman Tyler Glenn’s head. He’s always provided lyrics I’ve loved and related to with the poppy dance backbone and a kick-ass drummer that’s just so hard to deny. Admittedly, I’m really curious about the album as a whole since Glenn has openly stated it’s a very personal album and it reflects his time spent seeing a therapist and learning to become happy with himself. It also has commentary on love in the digital age with songs like “Love in the 21st Century” and “Sleeping With a Friend” which, let’s face it, we all struggle with. I haven’t had the opportunity to listen the whole way through and even with the upped pop factor, I’m still really excited to see what’s inside this new album.


AugustanaLife Imitating Life 

Two songs into the stream for this album, I was online, shopping for the best deal (hint: check out Amazon where you also get their last amazing album on sale). Dan’s voice, whether it be gravely or soaring, laid atop a pleading piano is impossible to resist.  Augustana has always been a band that easily elicits emotion and the primary sentiment in Life Imitating Life seems to be happiness! The tunes reflect a growth and maturity, a reflection upon life after a little bit of life has been lived. After first listen, my favorite track is “Alive”, a song I first heard performed live a while ago and instantly feel in love with. This is one of those albums, I feel, whose songs will only improve upon further listening.


Here are a few more albums out today we’re looking forward to hearing:

  • Patrick Park – Love Like Swords
  • The Apache Relay – The Apache Relay
  • Eels – The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett 
  • The Whigs – Modern Creation
  • To Kill a King – Cannibals with Cutlery
  • Sharon Corr – Same Sun
  • Finch – What it Is To Burn X


~ Amanda and Kristen