SXSW Highlight: Queen Caveat

One of my favorite aspects of my SXSW ’11 experience was getting to share it with some of my very favorite bands. Queen Caveat also drove out from LA to spend the week in Texas. I saw them play four times in as many days and they never failed to impress.  I watched them fight lost voices, broken bass guitars, and stages like saunas. They overcame it all with their amazing energy and general enthusiasm for their craft, garnering plenty of new fans who flocked to the stage for each performance eager to get a hold of one of the EPs the band was tossing into the crowd.

Having watched this band grow from an early stage, I couldn’t help but feel immensely proud of them and their accomplishments…and that was definitely a highlight of my own SXSW experience.

While in Austin they stopped by 5th Street Studios to record a version of “Bullet” which happens to be one of my favorite Queen Caveat tunes.

Check it out:


~ Kristen

p.s. if you’re in LA, Queen Caveat is playing a FREE show this Friday at Bardot (11:30). Don’t miss it!