Kristen’s SXSW ’12 Mix – Part 5

One of the things I love most about SXSW is the opportunity it provides every year to discover great new artists. The following mix reflects some of the bands and musicians I’ve added to my “watch list” as a result of SXSW 2012. Enjoy!

16. Cheyenne Marie Mize – “Wishing Well”

So apparently Cheyenne was one of NPR’s SXSW Discoveries of 2011…I may be a year behind, but I’m glad I happened upon Cheyenne and this song.


 17. Kiernan McMullan – “Alright Was Never Good Enough”

Another promising singer-songwriter from Nashville…with so many of my fave guys with guitars leaving LA, it seems like I may have to make another pilgrimage to the Music City to get my fix. Kiernan needs to book a gig at 3rd & Lindsley the day after Bonnaroo (just putting that request out into the universe)

 18. Nic Cowan – “Hard Headed”

I feel like this would be a good theme song in certain circumstances. “I’m just hard headed and I ain’t gonna quit”


19. Sugar & The Hi-Lows – “See It For Yourself”

I’m already a fan of both Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup and I fully approve of any Ten out of Tenn collaboration so the fact that Sugar & The Hi-Lows exceeded my expectations is really saying something.


Listen! Learn! Love!


~ Kristen