Shiny Toy Guns: Carah’s Back!!

For those of you who have been a fan of Shiny Toy Guns since We Are Pilots, this should be very exciting news. Carah Faye, the female vocalist on that album, is returning to the band as they gear up to record and release album number 3. Also joining Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson, and Mikey Martin is Daniel Johannson, Carah’s husband and bandmate from the Swedish group, Versant.

I have nothing against their second album, Season of Poison. In fact, I LOVE it. However, when the band replaced Carah with Sisely Treasure, I felt something was lost in their live performance (what made me fall in love with them in the first place). I’m looking forward to this third album, but I’m really looking forward to seeing them play again.

In honor of their forthcoming album, the band is giving away a FREE download of their new song, “The Sun”.


Go to their website to see the dramatic video re-introducing the band…it’s fairly epic


And, if you don’t know who Shiny Toy Guns are, here are some tunes from their first CD, We Are Pilots.



~ Kristen