SXSW Day 3: Recap

Sorry for the delay in posting…it’s been crazy. I wrote this as a recap of Friday’s events:

I’m sitting down at the end of the day thinking about all that I just accomplished in the previous 24 hours and I’m simply floored. I refuse to believe that it was this morning that I ventured into the British Music Embassay for some breakfast (egg buttys and chips) and tunes, yet I don’t recall a breakfast I’ve had since, so it must have been! Today was particularly special because it was my birthday (YAY!) and honestly I can’t think of a better way to have spent it. Here are some highlights

* the aforementioned breakfast (seriously the food here in Austin has been amazing)

* the aforementioned British bands (ie The Good Natured)

* meeting Bob Geldof on a random park bench

* Dancing for every single band on the amazing lineup at The Force launch party at Red Eye Fly (included Little Red Radio, My Cousin The Emperor, Purple Melon, The Silent Comedy, Taylor Locke & The Roughs, Viva City, Hugo, and Deluka among others…I mean seriously I have never danced that hard for that long)

* dancing on stage with The Silent Comedy

* FINALLY seeing SINAI (jaw on the ground)

* discovering another band from Philly that blew my mind (Meriwether)

* Keaton Simons (who just makes any day a much better one)

* finally getting to see Liam Finn

* again, all the really cool and interesting people met out on the street or at the venues

* fried pickles


Amanda’s typing up the Day 4 recap as I post this…coming soon!


~ Kristen