Kristen’s ’11 Mix – Track 6 – TFDI

6. “Hold On Tight” – TFDI

TFDI is Jay Nash, Tony Lucca, and Matt Duke and they really are Totally Fucking Doing It! Three of my favorite singer-songwriters singing, writing, and touring together; how could this not be amazing! The trio released an album called When I Stop Running and it is one of my favorite albums of the year. I was front row for a last minute gig at Room 5 and it was one of the best shows of my year. Each of these performers knows how to write and sing a song and together, they make magic! It was so hard to choose one song for this mix. I could have easily gone with Nash’s “If I Was a Ghost” or Lucca’s “Hurtin Kind”, but I opted for Duke’s “Hold On Tight” in honor of his show stopping cover of Bright Eyes’ “Lover I Don’t Have to Love” that was performed at Room 5 with such raw and visceral emotion that when the song ended I realized I had stopped breathing.

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~ Kristen

Listen to This!: When I Stop Running – TFDI

Tony Lucca, Matt Duke, and Jay Nash are three of my favorite singer-songwriters. Last year they went on a tour christened the “Totally F*ckin’ Doin’ It” (TFDI) Tour. The tour was a smashing success, spawning a 4 song TFDI EP that had the masses demanding more. This summer, the trio announced another TFDI tour coupled with the release of a full length album, When I Stop Running. I downloaded the album a couple days ago and I can’t stop listening. It’s a combination of tunes, familiar and new, all sung by some combination of voices that alone have the ability to stir the soul and together…well, can we say super group?  I’m enjoying the group takes on classics like Lucca’s “Darlin’ I” and Nash’s “Sweet Talking Liar”, but I’m even more excited about songs I hadn’t heard before like “Hurtin Kind” and the titular “When I Stop Running” as well as fun covers like a slowed down version of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and the incredibly apropos “On the Road Again.”

If you want a description of what the trio has to offer, I’d point you to the TFDI facebook page where each of the three artists relays their take on this unique “bromance” and the upcoming tour. Here’s what Jay Nash had to say:

“It’s a simple equation, but it works incredibly well,” says Nash. “Three distinct songwriting voices and three guitars is the general blueprint, but this time around, expect surprises. Lucca gravitates toward an R&B and soul vibe, Matt Duke brings in the alternative rock, and I suppose that I am the hippie/Americana fan. Somehow it all blends together into beautiful cacophony. Last fall, I think that we found a great starting point and I cannot wait to continue on stage and in the studio. Also, Matt Duke, if you could bring an extra toothbrush along, that would be great.”

The TFDI Tour is coming through California in August. The Hotel Cafe on the 18th, Saint Rocke on the 19th, The Ventura Folk Festival on the 20th, Anthology in San Diego on the 28th. Check out the tour page for more info on cities and dates that take the trio all over the country through the fall months.

You can download When I Stop Running on Amazon where you can get “Stranger in a Strange Place” for free!

Here’s a promo for their tour last fall…


~ Kristen