New Band Love: Parade of Lights

It’s been about six months since we first heard and fell in love with Parade of Lights so this post is waaaaay overdue. If you’re looking for some perfectly crafted pop music that just makes you want to DANCE, look no farther than Las Vegas based Parade of Lights. Ryan Daly (vocals, guitar), Matt Frey (keys, guitar), Randy Schulte (bass, keys), and Anthony Improgo (drums) have known each other for years. They used to play together in a group called Polus. Then they drifted apart with Anthony drumming for Metro Station and Matt on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars.  But now they are back together, rechristened Parade of Lights!

The first time I saw them, I was instantly drawn to their sound; catchy and fun…tunes that you just can’t get out of your head. One of the great things about following a young band is watching them develop. At the Parade of Lights show a couple weekends ago at The Vault in Temecula, I was amazed at the growth and maturity that had occurred over the last several months. The band seems to be adding more texture to their songs, infusing softer openings and head banging outros to their boppin’ pop core. I actually stopped jumping up and down for a few seconds just to marvel at their progress. I thought, it’s time to get the word out there. The world needs to know about Parade of Lights!

Fortunately for you, many of the band’s songs are available for FREE download on their facebook page. “Starstruck” is the song that made my end of 2010 mix…but it’s “Young Again” that’s been swimming in my head more recently.

If you’re curious as to how Parade of Lights got their name (we were!), watch what they said when we asked them about it:

No Parade of Lights shows on the horizon, but we’ll be sure to let you know if they come anywhere near Southern California…

~ Kristen