New Music Tuesday 10/11/11 Featuring Rachel Yamagata, Deas Vail, Forrest Day, Rams’ Pocket Radio

Looking for some new tunes? Here are my suggestions from this week’s batch of new music releases:


Rachel YamagataChesapeake 

This is another CD that I reviewed for the fall issue of High Voltage Magazine. Don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but I love this new album from Rachel Yamagata. It might be her best to date! It showcases her sultry voice and well-crafted lyrics perfectly.  Check out the album and if you’re in LA be sure to get tickets for her show at The Troubadour November 29th.

Get Chesapeake here


Deas VailDeas Vail

I fell in love with this band a couple of summers ago (it’s a great story if you haven’t heard it already). Songs like “Balance” and “Birds” are particularly uplifting, but Deas Vail’s entire catalog has found its way onto my “make me feel better” playlist. I’ve heard a couple of tunes from this new album when I saw the band this summer at Bonnaroo. I’m looking forward to exploring the rest.

Get the album here.



Forrest DayForrest Day 

One of the best bands you may not have heard from located in the Bay Area. They put on quite the live performance with their interesting mix of hip-hop, jazz, rock, etc. (they call it attention-deficit disorder rock). Check out their self-titled CD out today! They play The Mint October 21st.

The album is available on Itunes and Amazon.



Rams’ Pocket RadioDogs Run in Packs EP 

I’ve been slightly obsessed with this one man band from Ireland since I first heard him earlier this year. The song “1+2” made my SXSW ’11 mix. I was thrilled to find out new music was released today…  Rams’ Pocket Radio is currently opening for Snow Patrol in London. I eagerly anticipate a US tour. Please.


Other new music out today I plan on giving a listen to:



Happy Music Listening!

~ Kristen

Watch This: Ram’s Pocket Radio’s New Music Video

All the way from Northern Ireland, Peter McCauley (AKA Ram’s Pocket Radio) caught my attention this year at SXSW with his catchy tune “1+2”. He just released a new video for the song “Deiter Rams has got the pocket radios” and I love it! Must share:


For more info on Ram’s Pocket Radio:!/ramspocketradio

Listen and Love!


~ Kristen

Kristen’s SXSW ’11 Mix: Part 3

This year’s SXSW experience was a little different than in years past (ie I actually got to GO instead of my usual just listening to all of the artists). Still, I wanted to maintain the spirit of my annual SXSW Mix being a list of artists that are mostly new to me that I somehow discovered or was inspired to write about due to my SXSW experience.  I am so excited about every one of these artists/groups. I can’t wait for them to come through LA and play!

Here’s part 3 of my mix:


9. “All Those Pretty Lights” – Andrew Belle

This is a beautiful song. I wish I could have seen Andrew Belle while we were both in Texas, but sadly it did not happen. If you’re on the east coast, Andrew will be out your way soon so check out his tour schedule. In the meantime, his full length album, The Ladder, is definitely worth investigating.


10. “1+2” – Rams Pocket Radio

Another discovery from bandcamp’s handy dandy SXSW playlist. I had never heard of Rams Pocket Radio before. Apparently, Rams Pocket Radio is Peter McCauley from Northern Ireland. I absolutely love “1+2” and can’t wait to explore more from this artist.


11. “Free” – Twin Atlantic

One of my favorite discoveries from SXSW, Scotland’s Twin Atlantic was one of the few “new” bands I rearranged my schedule to see. They played several tunes from their new album Free which was finally made available at the beginning of this month. This is their most recent single from that album.


12.  “Aye Julian” – Meriwether

Another favorite from the ATN Showcase, turns out these gents are from my former home of Philadelphia!


not done yet…


~ Kristen

Gearing up for SXSW: Kristen’s 10 “Must See” Artists

TOMORROW, we leave for Austin. I’m in the midst of frenzied preparations. I haven’t been posting much these last couple of weeks, in part, due to the fact that every spare second I have managed to accumulate has gone to listening to artists I may get the chance to see at SXSW and preparing my lists and schedules.

I thought I’d share some of the artists I’m most looking forward to (a combination of old favorites and new discoveries). So, here it is. My 10 “Must See” Artists at SXSW ’11:

1. The Silent Comedy

These San Diego boys have been on my must see list for awhile now. Their growing popularity means they’ve been spending more time away from Southern California so I relish even more every chance I get to see them.

When to see them:

2. Queen Caveat

I’ve gotta go support my favorite up-and-coming LA band. For those of you not in LA, don’t miss one of the first opportunities to see Queen Caveat play outside of their hometown. SO much love for this band!

When to see them:


3. The Kin

These Australian brothers are favorites of mine from back east. One of the exciting things about SXSW is that it brings together favorite artists from all over the country/world. Also, be sure to follow The Kin on twitter so that you’ll know where they plan to do their next musical robbery on Saturday in Austin.

where to see them:


4. Empires

One of my favorite bands out of Chicago. I’d been itching to see them again since they opened for Biffy Clyro at Bootleg Theater.

where to see them:


5. Dash & Will

Two girls from Australia whose tunes caught my ear immediately. I’m even more excited to see them and buy their music, because finding their tunes to download in the US= nearly impossible.

where to see them:

6. Dead Sara

I’ve seen them three times in LA in the last month or so and I can’t remember the last time a band has blown my mind quite this much. Any chance I’ll get to see Dead Sara, I’m taking!

where to see them:



I’ve been wanting to see this new band out of Philly since its inception at the end of last year. I’ve been very jealous of all my Philly friends who have gone to their shows. Now it’s my turn!

where to see them: Friday 8pm: Austin Music Hall (208 Nueces) at the Monster Energy Showcase

8. The Lonely Forest

I adore this band out of Washington. They were actually on my SXSW ’10 mix. I was terribly sad to miss them play The Echo last week. I only justified my absence with the thought of seeing them play multiple times at SXSW.

where to see them:


9. Twin Atlantic

They’re from Scotland and they’ve opened for Biffy Clyro. What more do I need? Oh, I also am loving this tune…

where to see them:

ALSO: Weds 4pm at The PureVolume House (504 Trinity St)


10.Mother Mother

A band from Canada that I fell in love with a couple years ago thanks to the song “Hayloft”. I keep missing them when they come through LA, so I’m not going to miss out in Austin!

where to see them:


Honestly there are SO many excellent bands I’m looking forward to seeing at SXSW…can we say “scheduling conflicts”..Here are a few more (still not even half of what’s on my list)

We Barbarians
Fitz & The Tantrums
Hoots & Hellmouth
Joey Ryan
Atomic Tom
Jamestown Revival
Andy Clockwise
Chelsea Automatic
Jukebox the Ghost
The Blue Pages
The Gallery
Saint Motel
Brooke Fraser
The Stone Foxes
Allen Stone
Semi Precious Weapons
Fierce Creatures
Lelia Broussard
Nicole Atkins
Taylor Locke and The Roughs
Dan Wilson
Taddy Porter
Forrest Day
Scars on 45
Little Red Radio
Toy Bombs
Andrew Belle
The Deaf
Brett Dennen
American Bang
Ram’s Pocket Radio
Admiral Fallow
Makeshift Prodigy


We shall see how many of these bands make my final SXSW ’11 mix!

to check out last year’s mix click here

See you in Austin!


~ Kristen