The Classic Crime comes to Anaheim

This Tuesday I really hope to find the time and energy to trek down to Anaheim to a place called Chain Reaction to see a band called The Classic Crime. The Classic Crime is from Seattle but despite their relative proximity they don’t seem to make it down to LA all that often and I’ve only seen them once (at Warped Tour).  I discovered them several years ago when I was bored and cruising myspace (two things that never happen anymore). The band had just released an acoustic EP, Seattle Sessions, and someone had posted the track “Seattle” on their page. It was love at first listen! I immediate ordered the EP and that song ended up making my best of list that year. Now listen and love that track, but be warned that is not the sound typical of this band (I mentioned Warped Tour, right?). Actually, when listening to the breadth of their catalog of music, I realize that it’s a bit difficult to classify them much further than “rock.” Their CD The Silver Chord produced one of my fave tracks of this year, “Closer Than We Think.” They have a new CD coming out April 6th called Vagabonds and I would love to see some of their new material performed…I’m also still crossing my fingers that I’ll get to hear “Seattle.” My heart…will melt…

~ Kristen

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