Get Back Loretta @ Soma

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a restful day after this crazy week we had! We had some awesome shows didn’t we? I know I needed to lay low after all that.

While I don’t yet have a list of shows for this upcoming week I do have a review of the Get Back Loretta show at Soma. I thought I’d share it with you fine folks…

Arguably everyone who came to the show Friday night was there for them. I saw quite a few people (myself included) lazing around the hallways waiting for the clock to turn 9:55 p.m. which was the magic Get Back time.

We got to see glimpses of them on stage but they weren’t really doing a sound check as others were doing it for them. I wondered what was up, then the lights went off on stage and no one was to be found. Next thing we know, the intro for Dreams Got Scattered starts up but it is a disembodied sound since we can’t see anyone. The lights go on, everyone comes on stage, and Chris Wilson (one of the new guitarists) comes out from behind the giant monitor as they explode into the song full swing.

It’s exactly that electric energy and antics that Get Back Loretta played with for their entire set. They played old favorites from Over The Wall as well as new ones from Where Did You Go? They also played an older song I was not familiar with but I enjoyed. We also got the pleasure of being the debut audience for a brand new song! It was glorious with a nice hook that kept us going. =D

I don’t think it is really fair to talk about Get Back and not mention their new guitarists. Joey Bradford is the younger brother of Steven Bradford whom you all know as the bass man and the singer of Get Back. Joey has his own band, Thieves and Liars who are currently on hiatus but despite that, Joey has talent for keeping the rhythm going and complementing the other guitar (as well as other instruments). The other new guitarist is Chris Wilson who also has his own band called Endoxi. I don’t think I have ever seen fingers move as fast as Wilson’s do on a guitar (live anyways). He brings a “harder” feel to the band but I think the energy it gives them helps lift everything up. There are some snazzy guitar solos in there that are hard to miss. It’s a win situation all around. They both add such a nice spice and flavor to the mix. It’s like adding a few extra spices to the Chex mix, if you get what I mean. It makes a good thing better!

Get Back Loretta has another show coming up April 16th so mark your calendars! You won’t want to miss out!

Until next time!