Thursday at The Hotel Cafe

Thursday night I went to the Hotel Cafe to see the last night of Joey Ryan’s residency. Joey has been playing lately with Kenneth Pattengale whom I’ve seen several times now and enjoy more with each viewing. Both Kenneth’s and Joey’s sets were bolstered by the other joining in with their harmonies. They have a big upcoming two hour set at McCabe’s Guitar Shop Saturday April 24th which should definitely go on your calendar.

Joey and Kenneth were great (as anticipated), but the big surprise of the evening was The Paper Raincoat,  a band from Brooklyn featuring SXSW  ’09 fave Amber Rubarth. The Paper Raincoat is on my SXSW ’10 list and proved worthy of such a spot with their highly entertaining live set. My favorite bit being this acoustic version of “Rewind”. Watch the video…such a treat!

~ Kristen