Still plenty of room at Hotel Carolina…

Hotel Carolina: From what I hear, it’s like going camping on the beach…but you know that guy/gal who’s always strumming the guitar around the campfire?…well multiply that by about 20 and make them all your very favorite singer-songwriters.

Friday August 27th music lovers will descend upon Isle of Palms, South Carolina and make our way to the legendary Windjammer where we will spend a weekend being serenaded by the likes of Joe Firstman and Matt Duke, going to BBQs, hanging out on the beach, and participating in several artist vs. fan sporting events (flip cup anyone?).

Need any more temptation? Well, okay! is giving away a FREE sampler featuring the artists who will be participating in this year’s event.

Go to The Hotel Carolina website  to learn even more about the event and the featured artists.

This year’s line-up is particularly exciting to me and includes several of my favorites. Looks like this:

Todd Carey
The Bridges
Curtis Peoples
Joe Firstman
Josh Hoge
Sequoyah Prep School
Tony Lucca

Jim Bianco
Jay Nash
Sun Domingo
Matt Duke
Keaton Simons
Benjy Davis Project
Ernie Halter

Convinced? Go here to get your tickets!

Even if you can’t make it to the event, you should still check out these amazing artists!

Listen! Learn! LOVE!

~ Kristen


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