Busy Bee

Well I know you SD folks never got a proper concert calendar for this week but I trust you were savvy enough to check back on the “keep in mind” shows for this week. I’ve had a rather hectic week down here and am still recovering from Comic Con. Yes I went. Yes it was fantastic. But here is a little something that has kept me occupied these past few days…

San Diego’s own Endoxi is getting ready to launch their first ever full length album and I can tell you firsthand, these guys have never sounded better. It’s fun, catchy, eclectic, and inspirational to say the least. I believe everyone should own a copy of “Earthbound.” It would be a shame not to have this in your music library. I personally can’t wait to see these guys play live at Epicentre for their cd release August 6th with Get Back Loretta and Long Live Logos! Pre-order it now on their site or come check out the show.

More to come so stay tuned 🙂