A Perfect Circle Returns!

Last week, I had the extreme privilege of seeing A Perfect Circle perform live for one of the first times in over five years. I’ve been a fan of this group ever since about the time they decided to go on “hiatus”. How I discovered A Perfect Circle is…well it’s a funny story that will not be shared on these pages.

Point being, the performance, albeit a brief one filmed for Jimmy Kimmel Live, fulfilled a personal fantasy and definitely did not disappoint.

For those of you who don’t know, A Perfect Circle, is the musical collaboration between Tool frontman, Maynard James Keenan, and Ashes Divide’s Billy Howerdel. The two men positioned themselves on the stage as part of a semi-circle along with Josh Freese (drums), Matt McJunkins (bass), and James Iha (rhythm guitar). I suppose the other half of the “perfect circle” is the audience who, at the Kimmel taping, were in complete unison with the band, swaying, fist pumping, and singing along to every note.

The band is playing several dates in a few select cities, including three nights here in LA at The Avalon, one night dedicated to each of their three released albums (Mer de Noms, Thirteenth Step, and eMOTIVe). You can check here for dates, although all the performances sold out within minutes.

Someone recorded “Imagine” from the Kimmel set…

my favorite A Perfect Circle song (unfortunately not played at the Kimmel set…and therefore forcing me to think about how much money I’m willing to spend on craigslist tickets for the second night of APC’s LA stint)

~ Kristen