Allen Stone and Lenka at The Hotel Cafe

Taking a wee break from grading exams, I ventured to The Hotel Cafe to check out Allen Stone. This guy has quite the impressive voice, teeming with a lot more soul than expected from a guy from Seattle.  It was the perfect hand clapping, head bobbing, feeting tapping time and I will definately keep Allen on my list of artists to go see…I’d suggest you do the same!

For a taste, check out some songs on his myspace (including a terrific cover of “Bare Necessities”)

Here’s an amusing video of the song he ended his set with

Also playing at The Hotel Cafe was Lenka. If you don’t know the name, I’m sure you’d recognize a song or two. The Austrialian artist has an array of catchy tunes that become even cuter as she performs them on a stage with her band in front of colorful cardboard shapes. I really like some of her new tunes and am looking forward to her forthcoming album…but the hightlight of her set for me was when she brought out a trumpet and, along with another member of the band, engaged in some lovely harmonizing trumpet action.

Can’t find any videos of new tunes, but here’s an old one you may recognize…

~ Kristen