Scarlet Grey!

With Scarlet Grey’s Sky and I video release show less than a week away I wanted to share a story with you about one special experience with the band…

It was sometime in mid October and K and I were spending our Saturday helping at the shoot of Scarlet Grey’s newest video “The Sky and I.” Now how did we manage to score such a sweet gig you ask…

Scarlet Grey.

They posted on their Twitter and Facebook about the shoot and said they needed some assistants and would anyone want to help? First off, how many bands do you know who openly invite all their friends/fans to come help out on a video shoot? So, naturally K and I jumped at the opportunity to help our new band love and chance get to know the guys better (we had just met them a week or so before!).

Everyone on the set was so nice that it made the whole day fly by so fast! It was such an honor for me (well both of us), to share this time with them because we all were part of the process of something really special. The shoot was a blast and while I’m not at liberty to divulge any details about it, I can tell you that it will be a fantastic video. If you want a sneak peak, here is a photo Ben took from the set that day.

If you haven’t already, check out Scarlet Grey on Myspace and you can follow Ben and the band on Twitter. You will love them.

And be sure to get your tickets to the Scarlet Grey Sky and I release show on December 2nd at The Troubadour with The Young Modern, City (Comma) State, and Killola.