Pepper’s Ghost Countdown: 8 weeks!

go here and scroll down to January 22nd. Two words have never made me happier.

It’s been nearly 4 years since I’ve seen my favorite band take the stage. This little reunion show may not be exactly like the old days (Pawnshop Roses’ bassist Mike Walsh is rumored to be subbing in for David Hartley), but just the idea of hearing old favorites like “All I Know” be performed once again, makes me giddy with anticipation. Of course I will be there. In Philadelphia.  It won’t just be a reunion for the band. I’m hoping all the old Pepper’s Ghost family shows up to celebrate. If you are one of them (or even if you’re not), mark  your calendar now! Janurary 22nd. The Grape Room. ‘Cause you know, “it’s better when you’re here.”

~ Kristen

p.s. This video brings back SO many memories…FYI it was shot at my favorite venue (RIP The Point)

p.p.s. look forward to weekly reminders of this, one of the most anticipated events of my year.