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Kristen’s 2011 Mix – Track 7 – Kill The Alarm

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7. “Not An Addict” (K’s Choice Cover) – Kill The Alarm

2011 marks the first year I saw Garen Gueyikian/Granian/Kill the Alarm play acoustic since my Bryn Mawr days at The Point. He came out to LA and played Room 5 and I was transported to a completely different time and place; one in which my happiest memories exist.  It’s difficult to describe how much this LA visit meant to me. Kill the Alarm released two EPs this year including a collection of covers which included “Not An Addict”, one of my fave tunes from the 90s, originally by K’s Choice.


Do You Know: Kill The Alarm?

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I would call this a new band love post expect I’ve been following the music of Garen Gueyikian since 2004 when he’d frequent The Point in Bryn Mawr, PA. Back then he would go by the name Granian. He had just released a CD, On My Own Two Feet. Songs like “My Voice” and “Contagious” really spoke to me and his live shows never failed to captivate, as each show seemed to offer a fresh perspective on the songs I quickly came to know and love.

In 2006, Garen started playing under the name Kill the Alarm. Kill the Alarm released Fire Away the next year and I was thrilled to add more tunes to my collection, which by this point included several CDs and EPs dating back to 1996.

Being based in NYC, I haven’t seen (or really heard much from) Garen or Kill the Alarm since I moved out to California. But TODAY, I discovered that Kill the Alarm not only has a new EP in the works, but has, for download, a collection of cover songs including the K’s Choice tune “Not An Addict” (LOVE!). I am very happy right now listening to this tune as well as my old Garen faves, so of course I needed to share!

Go check out Kill the Alarm and download The Covers today!

I’d also recommend getting that old Granian gem, “On My Own Two Feet”


Listen and LOVE!


~ Kristen


Garen really kills the guitar on this one:

Pepper’s Ghost Countdown: 8 weeks!

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go here and scroll down to January 22nd. Two words have never made me happier.

It’s been nearly 4 years since I’ve seen my favorite band take the stage. This little reunion show may not be exactly like the old days (Pawnshop Roses’ bassist Mike Walsh is rumored to be subbing in for David Hartley), but just the idea of hearing old favorites like “All I Know” be performed once again, makes me giddy with anticipation. Of course I will be there. In Philadelphia.  It won’t just be a reunion for the band. I’m hoping all the old Pepper’s Ghost family shows up to celebrate. If you are one of them (or even if you’re not), mark  your calendar now! Janurary 22nd. The Grape Room. ‘Cause you know, “it’s better when you’re here.”

~ Kristen

p.s. This video brings back SO many memories…FYI it was shot at my favorite venue (RIP The Point)

p.p.s. look forward to weekly reminders of this, one of the most anticipated events of my year.