SXSW Day 4: The Last Recap

Even though this brief recap is coming to you a few days late, I thought it best you still know of our adventures for our final day of the craziness known as SXSW. It was probably one of the best (and most bittersweet) days of SXSW. Here are a few things that happened to us that day…

~ Went to Rachel Ray’s party for free food including sliders, chili, and carnitas. We also watched a bit of Bob Schneider before…

~ The British Music Embassy where we had breakfast (at noon) featuring toad in a hole, pasties, and toffee cake. Our time there wouldn’t have been complete without a little dance party from Viva City.

~ The Antiquiet show where we saw The Silent Comedy’s last show at SXSW.


~ Not only that, they played a completely different set including a Wine, Company Town, Carnival, and a nameless new song which they’ve only played acoustically.


~ If that weren’t enough, they dedicated their set to Trina, Steve, Kristen, and myself. I’m not sure it got much better than that….

~ We had a mini photo shoot with The Silent Comedy. How rockstar is that?

~ Free shirts that fit a girl!

~ Back to the Antiquiet show for Sabrosa Purr and the Greenhornes

~ Getting to see Atomic Tom and The Gallery at the Smoke and Sand Showcase at Rusty Spurs.

~ Also, discovering Ivan & Alyosha at said showcase

~ Seeing Queen Caveat twice that day!

~ Me getting some rest while Kristen experienced the Hotel Cafe Showcase. If you haven’t read about it, you should.

~ Closing our night with Little Red Radio’s last show at the ATN Showcase.

~ Also, there might have been some photos taken of our wrists that showcase the number of showcases we went to. I’ve since lost count…


And that was how our time at SXSW ended. Stay tuned for some more posts from us about SXSW.