New Music Tuesday 10/4 Featuring Jack’s Mannequin, Mutemath, Lights, and Allen Stone

An overwhelming number of new albums I’m excited about today. Not even sure where to begin on this one. My top picks could be any number of the albums listed below…


Jack’s MannequinPeople & Things 

I actually got to preview this one. I wrote the following review for High Voltage Magazine:

Prince of punk rock piano, Andrew McMahon is back with another offering from his outfit Jack’s Mannequin. People and Things is standard fare for any McMahon fan, who should run immediately to the record store. It’s all there in this album; the voice, the pleading lyrics, the soaring choruses, the PIANO ROCK. Andrew McMahon has developed a trademark sound and each track can be identified as his almost immediately. While there isn’t anything very new sonically, lyrically the record shows a maturing outlook on love, life on the road, and relationships which will connect immediately to Andrew’s maturing fan base. Standout moments on the album include the poppy opener “My Racing Thoughts”, the catchy “Television”, the soaring vocals in “Platform Fire”, the quiet beauty of the more acoustic “Restless Dream” and the profoundly realistic, and somewhat hard hitting lyrics in the song “Hey Hey Hey” which reminds the listener that “we’re all going to die someday” and invites them to “sing with me just one more time.”  Hopefully not a prophetic statement…

Listen to the album here

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MUTEMATH’s self-titled debut CD, has some of my favorite songs on it. MUTEMATH also puts on one of the best live performances. Odd Soul is bound to make its way into my CD collection based on these two facts along. I’m also loving the video for the single. I’m en route shortly to see the band perform on Jimmy Kimmel. VERY excited about this one.

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Lights (AKA Valerie Poxleitner) has come a long way since I first heard her song “Feburary  Air” on a TV commercial about three years ago. I really like this Canadian’s first full length CD, The Listening, especially the songs “The Last Thing on Your Mind” and “Face Up.”  I’m generally not a huge fan of the electro-pop genre, but there is something about the sweetness of the voice in contrast with the electro beats that draws me in. As long as that combination remains, I’m sure Siberia will be another hit in my book. LIGHTS will be coming to Los Angeles November 7th at The El Rey.

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Allen StoneAllen Stone

I’ve seen this Washington soulster deliver some impressive and inspiring performances over the past year. I’m quite excited to finally have recorded versions of songs like “Satisfaction” and “The Wind.” Allen Stone has one of those voices that can change the way you think about life. Definitely give him a listen and buy the album.



Other CDs coming out today that I’m anxious to put past my ears:

~ Kristen