Amanda’s Top 10 Shows of 2011 (Coming Soon)

Earlier in the week I made mention of wanting to post my “Top 10 Concerts of 2011” and said something along the lines of wanting to post a few per day. Well, I lied. See, here’s the thing….

My concert going year is not quite over. I just spent an enchanted evening in Chicago listening to William Beckett play for an hour or so with wonderful opening acts like Jennifer Hall, Bonaventure and Into It. Over It. Tomorrow night I’ll be seeing The Silent Comedy, Transfer, The Creepy Creeps, Low Volts, and The Heavy Guilt (plus a few more). So you see, my musical year is not complete and as such, I cannot give a list quite yet.

However, you can be sure to find this list in a day or so after New Years. Only then can I give you a complete and through top 10 list 🙂