New Music Tuesday 1/31 Featuring Adam Arcuragi and Carsie Blanton

Another great day for music releases. There are several new records I’m interested in checking out, but I’m going to put the spotlight on two amazing artists based in Philadelphia that have new music out today. Adam Arcuragi and Carsie Blanton are both part of the folk/coffeehouse scene in Philly. I have enjoyed both artists for many years and am most excited to hear what they have been up to lately.

Adam’s deep, soothing and soulful voice is mesmerizing. I’m writing this as I stream his new album, Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It from NPR and I find it casting a spell on me. The songs seem to maintain a folk/indie sensibility but with a quiet beauty that reminds me of a Ryan Adams song. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the record!

Carsie Blanton is the epitome of sweet. I love her folksy songs and candy-coated voice.  She could be singing the most depressing tune, but you still couldn’t help but smile at the inflections in her voice. From what I’ve heard of Idiot Heart it sounds like another charmer. You can download the new CD here.

I was unable to find a video for a song from her new album (which you can stream from her website), but here’s a fun song off her album, Buoy.


Here are a few more I’d recommend looking into:

~ Kristen

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