Valentine’s Day Playlist: The Cycles of Love: Puppy Love

Puppy love always evokes that naive sense of new young love that’s really no deeper than be heavily infatuated with someone.  The second thing it evokes a sort of do wop, pop, smiley dreams and rainbows while we hold hands and skip down the street.
Puppy Love

Local Music: Starstruck- Parade of Lights

I realize this song has been posted on LMN before but it’s a favorite of mine and frankly, being ‘starstruck’ by someone makes me think of puppy love. It’s the beginning of something new, it’s cute, and all your friends hate hearing you talk about it.

Top 40: Wouldn’t it Be Nice – The Beach Boys

Everything about The Beach Boys seems to be a little viewed through rose tinted  glasses, this song, even though it’s one of their more well known tracks actually has a bit of depth to it.  There is actually obstacles that prevent our heroes from living out this perfect love, it may be even a little realistic in a sense, but all the while remains so optimistic.

Alternative Radio: Follow You Down- Gin Blossoms

I miss the 90’s. I miss the computer games, the carefree life, the less complicated times, and the music. I don’t miss the fashion though. Anyways, Follow You Down from the Gin Blossoms was one of those happy songs from happy times. What says puppy love more than, “anywhere you go, I’ll follow you down.”

Soundtrack: Then He Kissed Me – The Crystals

Like most people I first encountered this song while watching Goodfellas and fell in love with it.  It depicts that somewhat nervous feeling you get when you first go out with someone new.  The lyrics tell a boy meets girl, is nice to girl, boy and girl get married, oh and there is some kissing.  Just pure cotton candy goodness.

Misc.: We Owned The Night- Lady Antebellum 

This song evokes images of the beginnings of a new romance with someone you are so enamoured with. Everything this person does is enchanting and amazing and you’re happy just to be a part of their world. You both own the night after all.

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