Valentine’s Day: Cycles of Love: Post Break Up

I think if someone complied all the songs ever written and categorized them by topic, an overwhelming number of them would be written about the wake that follows after a tragic break up.  This is why Amanda and myself had to separate our lists just to accommodate the number of songs written on topic.  Just lean on our shoulders and cry a while why you listen to these bummer numbers or if you’re the angry type, we will help you destroy all their things too.


Post Break Up

Amanda’s Picks:

Local Music – Breakin The Chains of Love- Fitz and The Tantrums

Love can be a drag. It can wear you down and make you forget about who you were because you were too busy trying to be who the other person thought you should be (not healthy, by the way). It’s time to break those chains and move on. Sing it Fitz!

Top 40 – Raise Your Glass- Pink

This song isn’t really about break ups per say but the message is still clear, ‘no matter our flaws, faults, and otherwise messed up selves, we still rock.’ If that isn’t an anthem for picking yourself up and getting a move on from that stupid person who dumped you or the stupid person you got involved with, I don’t know what is. This song may be pop but it makes you get up and dance (and feel empowered) which is really what you need after a break up.

Alternative Radio – Gives You Hell- The All American Rejects

I’m fairly certain we all need some kind of retaliation against the one who hurt us. Or at least the knowledge that we are doing better than they are after the break up. The All American Rejects know what I’m talking about. I hope you see me and realize what an idiot you are and how much better I’m doing with out you. I hope you suffer! Muah ha ha ha.

Soundtrack – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do- Neil Sedaka

The name says it all. Breaking up is hard to do. It’s shitty and it sucks but at least you know you are not alone.

Misc – The Test- The Academy Is…

This song was on standby after my breakup when I just wanted the knowledge that the other person didn’t care and that I was losing it. Sometimes the best feeling in the world is surrendering to the loss and acknowledge being broken. It really takes the pressure off. Perhaps my favorite line is the chorus (which gave me my validation or maybe vindication) is, ‘if this is a test, I’m losing my shit would it kill you to care as much as I did?’ Honestly, would it kill them to care?

Marissa’s Picks:

Local Music – Shifty Eyes – The Howls

A Howl: to utter a loud, prolonged, mournful cry. The Howls do exactly that as John Cooper sings about the woman who ripped his heart apart.  A cry of both anger and sadness, it was my first pick for a post break up song.

Top 40 – Fuck You – Cee Lo Green

Sometimes you just got get real and just say “Fuck You.”

Alternative Radio – Hate It Here – Wilco

Being in love is like being addicted to a person.  They invade every part of your life and when they leave there is this massive dis-function that is left behind.  You have to relearn how to live and Jeff Tweedy, an addict of many things, knows that sometimes mowing the lawn is all that keep you afloat without the one you love.

Soundtrack – Both Sides Now – Love Actually

Joni Mitchell’s song “Both Sides Now” paints a bleak picture of love, but none so bleak as paired with Emma Thompson’s beautiful performance in the movie Love Actually after she finds out her husband may be unfaithful.

Misc – You Turn Clear In The Sun – Telekinesis

Michael Benjamin Lerner is Telekinesis and I think he has one or two bad girlfriends in his past.  “I never loved you, I’ve never love anyone.” It’s his want of erasing the memories, the bad, the good, the everything that pings home with me.  Needless to say, if MBL ever needs consoling, I’m his girl.

Still trying to get over it? Me too, but tomorrow is another day…