Valentine’s Day Playlist: Cycles of Love: Tragic Love

Something’s wrong. You’re love didn’t stand the test of time like you thought it would. Now you’re spending your time with someone you don’t love. Well, I suppose you could still love them but they no longer love you. Either way, the love well has run dry and that’s nothing short of a tragedy. I should also note, there are far too many sad love songs which is why Marissa and I picked our own playlists. There’s just so much heartbreak out there.

Tragic Love

Amanda’s Picks
Local Music: Grown So Cold- Get Back Loretta

Nothing quite like a love that’s fizzled out which is exactly what this song is about. There is a haunting hope about escaping this cold love but lost love is still a tragedy.

Top 40: You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette

Nothing quite like a woman scorned. I can tell you even if the breakup wasn’t bad, being replaced by someone else hurts. Sometimes we just like to think you’re thinking of us when you’re with the new one. Makes us feel better about us.

Alternative Radio: Pictures of You- The Cure

I suppose this song could have a creepy connotation associated with it, but all I hear is a song about a sad guy looking at pictures of his lost love. To think that he sees this pictures and believes her to be there is even more saddenning.

Soundtrack: Iris- City of Angels

I think this is widely accepted as one of the saddest love songs ever for a movie. While I haven’t seen the movie, the song itself is just haunting to me with phrases like, “when everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am” and “I’d give up forever to touch you.” I need a tissue.

Misc.: Bang Bang- Nancy Sinatra

If you have a special someone who is shooting you down (fake or otherwise) then that’s a relationship you should exit stage left from. Don’t let your baby shoot you down.

Marissa’s Picks

Local Music: Lie To Me – Kevin Martin

Haunting. Chilling.  Beautiful.  Kevin Martin wrote a song about deceit and trust that slices through to that tingling part of your part that will always sting when you’ve been wronged.

Top 40: You Don’t Bring Me Flowers – Barbara Streisand & Neil Diamond

A love gone cold, a love gone forgotten, a truly tragic waste of love.

Alternative Radio: I Could Spit On A Stranger – Pavement

“However you feel, Whatever it takes…” Stephen Malkmus, you fuck my shit up.(eloquent I know).

Soundtrack: “The Winner Takes It All” – Mamma Mia

Meryl Streep’s performance of ABBA’s classic break up song, “The Winner Takes It All” is stirring to say the least.  Revealing and raw even in the context of a fairly cheesy film.  The metaphor of the game that is love comes to a head, leaving the loser with nothing.

Misc : Sleeper – One Man Army

One Man Army tricks you into to thinking this might be a love song, but by the end of the first verse you are left to your own devices and there’s no telling what you’ll get yourself into.

Time to get over that break up hump. We’ve got you covered if you come back tomorrow.