Dead Feather Moon on The Howls

As mentioned in a previous post, The Silent Comedy, Dead Feather Moon, and The Howls are gearing up to blow the roof off The Belly Up Tavern. I’m super stoked to see Dead Feather Moon in the lineup. They get better and better every time I see them. I’m not sure if it’s the slide guitar or the overall tone of the band that I enjoy so much. Either way, Dead Feather Moon is one enchanting band to watch. We asked their thoughts on The Howls. Below are the answers!

LMN: Band on Band- Dead Feather Moon on The Howls

Multiple Choice:

What would be The Howls breakfast of choice: coffee, breakfast burrito, fruit platter, whiskey, never up early enough to eat breakfast?

They never get up early enough to eat breakfast. All the dudes are really laid back, down-to-earth cats. I see them sleeping in, possibly recovering from the night before and starting the day with lunch.

Which band has the nicest hair: The Silent Comedy, The Howls, Dead Feather Moon?

I have to go with The Silent Comedy on this one. I feel like if I went with either of the other bands, I would have to deal with ten pounds of angry hair and one huge pissed-off moustache. That’s just frightening…

Show Drink: Whiskey, PBR, Fruity Girly Drink, Aged Scotch, Water

I feel like I’ve seen John drinking a PBR. Either that or I just had so many PBR’s myself that I imagined him holding one.

Fill in the Blank:

Suppose The Howls landed in the world of The Wizard of Oz. Who would be who? (You can have multiples of the same character)

Dude, I haven’t seen this movie since I was a child. And I don’t really feel comfortable referring to another dude as a witch or a coward. 

The tv show or cartoon that The Howls should make a cameo in would be ____________________.

Jersey Shore. Why? Because sometimes I watch Jersey Shore and I want to see The Howls GTL for a day.

Something we would like to steal from The Howls is: ___________________________.

Their keyboard with the cool boombox speakers on it.

Essay: (Pick 1 to answer)

Best prank to pull on The Howls?

I can’t give that away. They’ll have to wait and find out!