The Silent Comedy on Dead Feather Moon

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t ask The Silent Comedy about their thoughts on Dead Feather Moon. This comes just in time for their show (also featuring The Howls) at the Belly Up this Thursday 3/8. Tickets are still available and you should get one. Now.

Also, you know it’s going to be big when The Silent Comedy brings the horns and strings

LMN: Band on Band- The Silent Comedy on Dead Feather Moon

Multiple Choice:

What would be Dead Feather Moon’s breakfast of choice: coffee, breakfast burrito, fruit platter, whiskey, never up early enough to eat breakfast

Definitely whiskey! Whiskey in a plastic bottle to be precise. They introduced us to it.

Which band has the nicest hair: The Silent Comedy, The Howls, Dead Feather Moon

It has to be DFM. They have more variety. They’ve got long hair, short, and even the sexy bald look… I wish it was us, but I have to be honest.

Show Drink: Whiskey, PBR, Fruity Girly Drink, Aged Scotch, Water

Whiskey and PBR definitely. Fruity Girly Drink will never be found on a DFM stage.

Fill in the Blank:
Suppose Dead Feather Moon landed in the world of The Wizard of Oz. Who would be who? (You can have multiples of the same character)

I totally don’t know those guys well enough to answer that…

• Dorothy:

• Scarecrow:

• Tin Man:

• Cowardly Lion:

• Wicked Witch:

• Glenda the Good Witch:

• Wizard of Oz:

• Toto:

The tv show or cartoon that Dead Feather Moon should make a cameo in would be.

Scooby Doo

Something we would like to steal from Dead Feather Moon is:

Badass Rock n Roll songs

Essay: (Pick 1 to answer)

What are you most looking forward to about Dead Feather Moon’s set at The Belly Up?

They did their song “Everything I Haven’t Said” acoustically for our Homestead Sessions recently, and I am really looking forward to seeing the full band version. (edit: you can watch that video here)