New Music Tuesday 10/9 featuring The Script, Freelance Whales, Bad Books

Looking for new tunes? Here’s what’s is in my shopping basket today:

The Script#3 

The Script is pretty solid when it comes to delivering radio-friendly pop/rock anthems. I anticipate nothing less from their newest album, #3, especially based on the reception it has already had since its release in their native, Ireland. Their first single, “Hall of Fame” features and seems a slight departure for the pop crooners, but listening to the album (which you can do here, I have been reassured that while the band continues to grow on their musical journey (there is a bit more of this rap-interlude business), they still have plenty of that emotional, melody-driven core that drew many fans, including myself, in at the start. I’m already a fan of their next single, “Six Degrees of Separation”.


Freelance WhalesDiluvia 

Brooklynites, Freelance Whales, play the kind of music that might color a dreamscape; not necessarily happy, not necessarily sad, but always with a twinge of fantasy that makes it feel like you’re not quite in a reality. Streaming the new album (which can be done on their website), I’d say fan will be happy with this sophomore effort. I’ll put it on my shopping list and look forward to their next show. The band comes to the El Rey Theatre in LA October 16th.


Bad Books – Bad Books II

Who doesn’t love a super group? Well, at least this one between Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra seems to have worked out pretty well to my ears. Their second offering, Bad Books II, again does a great job of blending  the more quirky indie sensibilities of Kevin Devine with the rousing rock beats and vocals of Andy Hull and Manchester Orchestra. Check the band out live this Wednesday at The Troubadour. If you’ve seen either of these acts before, you know it’s going to be a good show.

Other CDs to check out today:


~ Kristen