Kristen’s SXSW ’13 Mix – Part 3 – Kassidy, Kid Karate, Kill It Kid

SXSW is my favorite time of the year for collecting new artists to watch. Far be it from me to keep these gems to myself. Here are some of bands and songs I discovered this year:

7. Kassidy – “One Man Army” 

My SXSW moment with Kassidy is one of my favorites (see top 10 sets). I’m looking forward to hearing their new “mini album” People Like Me which will hopefully make its appearance on American iTunes in the near future…there is just not enough music available from these guys!


8. Kid Karate – “Two Times”

This song strikes me as having a very “Jack White” quality. I like that. I like this song.


 9. Kill It Kid – “Pray on Me”

Another British rock band that makes my list (I do have my proclivities). I love the dueling male and female vocals and the unique sound which Wikipedia amusingly labels blues/grunge/Americana.


~ Kristen