SXSW ’14- Monday Recap


Music doesn’t technically start until tomorrow, but we arrived in Austin today and the magic of SXSW immediately took over and I thought, that’s worth a post, no? After a very (very) early morning wake-up call, a quick flight and a short bus ride, I found myself in downtown Austin. As if to remind me of what SXSW can give you, within an hour, I had been offered an assortment of free food and drinks including espresso brownies, energy candies, coffee from a coffee dome (are we picking up a theme here?), etc. The best swag, however, had to be a battery powered phone charger kindly bestowed upon me by the lovely folk supporting Titanfall. They also gave me the most delicious Kind bar I have ever tasted…I think there were cranberries involved…

P1500512           Coffee Dome

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, while gathering credentials, we ran into one of my top ten SXSW picks, Sir Sly, and George Takei (!).

*imagine non-blurry picture of George Takei here*

Before the music really takes over, we took the opportunity to wander around the Trade Show, learning about a variety of products and services, collecting a week’s worth of t-shirts, and trading business cards with interesting vendors. I’d say the most mind-blowing conversation was with The Postal Service booth where we shown the lately in print technology, ads that when viewed through a lens have digital “pop-up” components.

As far as music goes, the day presented itself with a few too many almost amazing moments. I was at the Spotify House when Jetta was on stage, but because of a set time change, I only got to hear (and not see) her. Later in the evening, I heard a couple songs from The Colourist while standing outside the venue, getting only a peak at their heads. We met a similar fate trying to catch some of comedian, Bill Cosby’s set with Funny or Die. The best I did was see a bit of Phantogram at The Spotify House and Reggie Watts at Vice’s The Mobile Movement party.

Phantogram              Reggie Watts

Perhaps the most satisfying part of the day was the free burger and fries sponsored by Late Night with Seth Meyers. That burger from ShackBurger was one of the most delicious things I have eaten in months. Definitely worth the lengthy wait in line.


I capped my evening with a quick stop at The British Embassy for the Belfast party where I danced off those burger calories with Unknown. I left when I saw the rain was picking up. I guess it was a relatively early night. Probably a good thing looking at my schedule for the week to come.


Speaking of, if you’re in Austin, here are a few things I’m most looking forward to tomorrow, Tuesday 3/11:

* 10:30-1pm: The Great British Breakfast at Parkside Austin f. music from Rams’ Pocket Radio
* 4:30- The Kin at BD Riley’s Pub
* 6pm- Mighty Oaks at Embassy Suites
* 8pm- heymoonshaker at Trinity Hall
* 9pm- Driver Friendly at Dirty Dog Bar
* 10pm- Kiven at Soho Lounge
* 11pm- Caught A Ghost at Buffalo Billards
* 12am- Dinner and a Suit at Headhunters Patio


It’s going to be such a great week. I can’t wipe the ridiculous smile off my face…

~ Kristen

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  1. Teena · March 11, 2014

    Go you! Awaiting your new music nuggets upon you return to lalaland

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