New Band Alert: Mosco Rosco

Here’s one that I’m glad I caught (but almost didn’t). LMN Band Love, Harper Blynn, has re-named themselves Mosco Rosco. Along with the new name comes what I’m told is a new sound! Not exactly sure how I feel about this as I adore the sounds of Harper Blynn, but I am optimistic. Regardless, the four gentlemen of Mosco Rosco are one of the tightest groups I have seen, musically. No doubt whatever sound they want to produce will be done incredibly well…and with some pizzazz!

For a hint at what is to come, here’s a listen to their song, “I Wanna Love You” featuring Reggie Watts. It’s got a very 70’s feel and makes you want to groove so I’m into it!


If you’re in LA, the band is doing a Monday residency the month of April at The Satellite!

To keep tabs on Mosco Rosco, here are some relevant links:




~ Kristen