Kristen’s Top 5 Coachella Set Recommendations

I won’t be making it to the desert this year, but if I were, here are the 5 sets I wouldn’t miss…

1. Tom Odell: Friday noon, Mojave Tent  

Get a spot where you can see him playing the piano

2. Bastille: Friday 5:25, Mojave Tent  

And to think, just a year ago they were playing The Troubadour

3. Saints of Valory: Saturday noon, Outdoor Theater

A recommendation from my Rock Boat friends.

4. Frank Turner: Sunday 3:55, Gobi  

I know there’s a whole tent for crazy dancing, but this is the set where my hands would be waving wildly in the air.

5. John Newman: Sunday 8:50, Gobi

Because I can’t get this song out of my head and I’ve yet to see this guy live


If you’ll be in Indio, stay cool, stay hydrated, and discover some great new music!


~ Kristen