New Music Tuesday 5/20/14 featuring Haley Bonar, Crow Bait, and Pujol

Better a day late than not at all!

Haley BonarLast Reputation

Haley has been on my to see list at SXSW for two years now, but I have never quite made that happen. Her song “Bad Reputation” caught my ear on her EP last year so I’m interested in hearing what she’ll do with a full length album.

Crow Bait – Sliding Through the Halls of Fate

Crow Bait is a band I just found out about but they have been making some noise (the good kind) in the Long Island music scene since 2011. This is their debut LP and I’m already intrigued. There is something about their sound that is kind of familiar to me and I like it.


I first discovered Pujol at SXSW two years ago and really fell in love with them. They have a new album out and admittedly, it’s not what I expected from them but somehow, it still feels like Pujol. You can stream one of their tracks here because I can’t find any music videos newer than 2011.


Also Out Today:

Coldplay – Ghost Stories
Phillip Phillips – Behind The Light
Spoon – No Silverware
The Duhks – Beyond The Blue


~Kristen and Amanda