New Music Tuesday 7/1/14 f. Red Wanting Blue

New music recommendations as follows:

Red Wanting BlueLittle America

The newest album from Midwestern rockers Red Wanting Blue is an enjoyable listen. At the forefront are the vocals of Scott Terry with their grainy texture that gives the tunes an instant sense of comfort whether they are slow and contemplative or more light and humorous. My favorite aspect of this album is the lyrics which relay both a depth and humor and have really given me something to latch onto, making me both smile and think.

Little America starts with the celebratory “Halleujah”, setting the tone for the album with a lightness betrayed by words like “We’re lost I’m sure of it. I don’t know if we’ll ever be found. So we’ll run from town to town to make our way home.”  Themes of being on the road, change, and relationships impacted by the musician’s life make the album feel very personal and give it an emotional charge. The heart of the album is found in the three tracks I’ve been playing on repeat. “The Rest of Our Lives” is an inspiring and reflective tune packaged in a compelling rock melody. “Leaving New York” is a slow and yearning lament that speaks to anyone who has had to leave a place they’ve fallen in love with. “Black Canyon” is another bittersweet anthem about life on the road, but it does the best job at pulling at my heartstrings and contains my favorite line in the album, “children don’t look down, count on the ground being there every time”.

Before you think the album is too heavy, turn to songs like “Dumb Love” or “Drawing Board” which is a song about figuring out life, but sung as country-ish knee slapper with cute lines like “success requires one of us to bring home the bacon.”

Little America is an album for contemplation, but enjoyable on several levels. Here’s the video for a fun little ditty “You Are My Las Vegas” which features the mothers of the band members.


Other albums to look into:

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  • Seether – Isolate and Medicate
  • Old Crow Medicine – Remedy
  • Air Dubai – Be Calm

~ Kristen