Must See Show: Rags & Ribbons at Bootleg HiFi 10/8


Portland trio, Rags & Ribbons have been on our must see list since they played the opening notes of “Magnesium Dream” at their Overture Con performance last year. The harmonies! The piano! The pulsating, hypnotic beats! This band deserves your attention and if you’re in So-Cal, you’re in luck as they are currently in the middle of their West Coast tour. Wednesday night, Oct. 8th, they will grace the stage at Bootleg HiFi in Los Angeles. Here are 8 reasons you need to be at that show (4 from us and 4 from Rags & Ribbon’s singer/guitarist Ben Weyerhauser:

Our take:

1. Pianos rock! – Who can resist a hook-y piano driven tune? Rags & Ribbons does piano rock right.

2. You enjoy a good live show – the recordings are great, but there is something magnetic that happens when the three guys of Rags & Ribbons take the stage together

3. The venue – If they can drive all the way down from Portland, you can certainly drive across town to The Bootleg. The venue is my current favorite in Silverlake. Street parking is never a challenge, there is a nice patio area great for in-between set chit-chat, and they serve ginger beer and sparkling apple cider. Bonus points if the back room is open with its comfy seats, ginormous wall TV, and ping pong table.

4. This video– This video from “Even Matter”, a song off their debut album, The Glass Masses has converted several of my facebook friends into fans. Press play and see if it does the trick for you.

Ben’s take:

5.. The lineup – Rags & Ribbons plays at 9pm, opening for LA rockers Kiven and that band has been on fire lately.

6.  The sound is right – The band is traveling with their own sound guy, so they will be sounding their very best

7. Last chance! – This is the last time Rags & Ribbons  will be in LA this year and it might be awhile before you have the chance to see them again

8. The industry is coming– It’s an important show for the band. If you’re already a fan, they would love to see you and have your support.


See you at the show!


~ Kristen