8MM at The Viper Room

P1570601I’m happy to say that one of my first sets of the New Year belonged to rocker’s 8MM. 8MM is primarily husband and wife due of Sean and Juliette Beavan. Sean brings the rock pedigree and versatile guitar and Juliette brings the voice, the sparkle, and the charm. They were joined by a full band that included guest guitarist Johnny Radtke (Filter, Kill Hannah). All together, they produced sexy, dance-inducing beats, seducing the room towards the stage for a night not soon forgotten.

They began their show with my favorite 8MM tune, the gutsy “Kin”.  They had a seven song set which also included the country tinged, “Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts”, the hip moving “Around the Sun”, and ended with the more progressive “Give It Up” featuring Sean on vocals. The band, per usual, felt very comfortable on the stage, interacting with each other and the audience. Juliette kept the crowd invested as Sean took his “tuning breaks” and took the time to wish everyone a Happy New Year. The good times were felt all around. 8MM fills this seeming void these days of straight up rock music. They prove that rock can still feel relevant, be versatile, and is, at least in my opinion, the go-to genre for a fun time.


For more on 8MM, check out their website. For musical recommendations, their EP, Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts is my favorite, but they also have some pretty nifty remixes available for those more included to that sort of thing. No shows on the horizon, but we’ll be sure to keep tabs on the band for our concert calendars.

~ Kristen