Max and the Moon

matm promo

Max and the Moon from Chino Hills, Ca. are kicking off their first headlining tour in San Diego, gearing up for an EP release and are looking to take the world by storm. They play tomorrow at the House of Blues Voodoo Room and it’s definitely something you should check out. If you still need convincing, check out my chat with them and listen to their single Harps.


1. Tell us a little about who you are as a band.

– Max and the Moon is a band that loves looking forward to new things that will shape its career. We all take the opportunities we get as a band very seriously and always give it everything we got. But we also like to have fun and be creative while doing so. We’re always wanting to achieve more later down the road because we don’t like staying in one place and not growing continuously as writers and musicians. We like to think our new songs, Modern Love and Harps are a testament to that because we’ve developed our sound every chance we’ve gotten. So we’re excited for the future!

2. What can people expect from the live show?

– Well, we haven’t had a chance to play live since November of last year! So we are very excited to get back on stage, doing what we love to do. I think people can expect to see a lot of energy and connection with our fans. Also, we’re stoked to share our new songs live and see what everyone thinks of them.

3. What do you like about playing in San Diego?

– It’s always nice to be in front of such a welcoming group of people and every time we’ve played down here we’ve received awesome feedback from the fans. San Diego audiences are engaged and very respectful of the artist. That type of dedication to live entertainment pushes us to give everything we got. The town itself is beautiful and comforting. We think the people exude these same qualities.

4. Tell us about your upcoming EP MATM.

– We’ve worked very hard on the songs that are on the upcoming EP. We pulled ideas from the sounds that were on our The Way I See EP, a little bit of vocal influence from our writing with the Crazy EP, and also there is a lot of fresh grooves and moods the new songs give off. We tend to be most proud of anything new we’ve created and we can all personally say we care deeply about these brand new tunes.