Amanda’s SD Concert Calendar 11/19-11/25

I got back from a lovely trip yesterday. I spent a long weekend in Tuscon watching Crimes of Grindelwald with friends, catching up on some things, making and eating food, and all around lounging around in pjs and watching stuff on television. It was a much-needed recharge for me and I’m home and ready to get back in the swing of things. I’m happy to sleep in my own bed at home though…

This is the first year in my entire life that I will be having Thanksgiving at a restaurant instead of at home. I’m looking forward to this experience but I might miss having leftovers after turkey day. Shows this week are a little anemic due to the holiday, so take the time to spend it with your family and friends. Please eat too much and enjoy your holiday if you celebrate it.

Just a quick note, this calendar is not complete but will be updated soon. I might have spent too much time cuddling my dog before I started this and had to get to bed… Maybe…


Monday: Steady Holiday @ Casbah at 9pm

Tuesday: WYO, Ottopilot @ Belly Up at 8pm


Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday: The Schizophonics, The Loons @ Casbah at 9pm
AND: Johnny Tarr @ Park & Rec at 10pm

Saturday: Mrs. Henry @ The Casbah at 9pm
AND: The Color Monday @ Bar Pink at 8pm
AND: Cat Power @ Observatory North Park at 8pm
AND: Lady Dottie & The Diamonds @ Park & Rec at 10pm

Sunday: Steven Page Trio @ Belly Up at 8pm

Keep in Mind: