The Bard Chronicles: Song Preservation Society at Soda Bar 7/16/13

If you were to cross The Milk Carton Kids and Mumford and Sons, the resulting offspring would be Song Preservation Society. Take the live show, melodic harmonies, simple instrumentation, and a passion for speaking from the heart and you have all of the important elements that make up this band. Admittedly, I was tired from a record number of musical outings by my current standards but watching them play more than made up for it. If you didn’t make it out to the Soda bar for their show, you can catch them August 25th supporting Truth & Salvage Co. at the Griffin. Check out their video Terra  below and peep the few decent photos from the show.

The Bard Chronicles: Better Looking People With Superior Ideas at Soma 7/13/13

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Soma. Actually, I tend to avoid that place and all it’s punk ass underage kids who think they know what’s up. However, when invited by a band to see their debut performance in San Diego, I’ll make an exception.

While attempting to haggle my way inside with my camera, I ended up meeting the band out front when they overheard me drop their name. Since I was only armed with emails and a Soundcloud link , I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Despite it being a rather quiet Saturday at Soma, Better Looking People With Superior Ideas (whew that’s a mouthful) had some fans in the crowd. For a two person band, they create a surprisingly full sound and I was very happy to see a trumpet up on stage. Perhaps my favorite element of theirs was the use of a glockenspiel. Or was it a xylophone? Either way, I though the delicate tones were a great addition and a nice layer. My only wish for BLPWSI is that they find more of a concrete direction in their music. They was a wide range and variety from raging guitar to the delicate glockenspiel and it didn’t always feel like it was coming from the same band. I do see a lot of potential for growth and can’t wait to see where they go from here!

Check out my favorite song below and the gallery while you’re at it.

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The Bard Chronicles: Nico Vega and Crash Kings at The Griffin 7/11/13

The last time I saw Nico Vega in San Diego was at the Casbah to a relatively rowdy crowd but it was by no means a sold out show. They did tour through here with Imagine Dragons playing the SDSU Open Air Theater but I didn’t attend that show.

Crash Kings have playing down at Griffin off and on during the year and I’ve noticed two separate shows there that I was unable to attend. Sad Amanda. Even sadder because I hadn’t seen them play in well over a year.

So what happens when you take two popular LA bands who are friends that even share a rehearsal space and you put them on the road together? In a word, amazingness.

Watching Crash Kings play for the first time in over a year was like no time had passed. Despite having a different drummer, their set was filled with the same enthusiasm as the first time I saw them years ago. And I had honestly forgotten how much that clavinet will rock a room. It was so refreshing to see a band rock out with a piano, keys, and a clavinet. I didn’t even miss the guitar.

It was fantastic to see them rock old favorite like “Mountain Man”, “It’s Only Wednesday,” and “14 Arms.”   Their set was a nice blend of old and new tunes and I have to tell you, those new tunes are awesome. Their set was so awesome, it inspired an encore because the crowd just wouldn’t stop yelling for them. You should really do yourself a favor and go pick up Dark of the Daylight  now.

Nico Vega is an amazing band. And you can tell they are fully on their A Game after having toured all over with Imagine Dragons earlier this year. They are tighter than I’ve ever seen them and somehow even more dynamic than before. Maybe it’s the drums. The tiny stage was hardly big enough to contain them as evidenced by only one painted barrel on stage and Aja’s continual departure from the stage.

At one point during the set, someone yelled for them to play “Wooden Dolls” and the band all sat down on the stage and quietly played the song. I should also mention that one of the barrels was dedicated to an audience member’s deceased pet turtle and Aja informed the crowd that she would be taking it home with her after the show. How sweet! What was even sweeter was seeing other old favorites like “Gravity” and “Beast” mixed in with all the snazzy new tunes from their forthcoming album Lead to Light . If you love Nico Vega or just want some cool stuff from them (their designs are rad) then you should pledge your support here. I’m personally getting a shirt and the font that is Rich’s handwriting.


Check out more pics in the gallery below!

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The Bard Chronicles: Get Back Loretta at The Griffin-2/9/13

As promised, here is the first entry of The Bard Chronicles featuring Get Back Loretta. To be honest, I hadn’t seen Get Back Loretta play in quite some time and this was their first official show after playing New Years Eve at the Lafayette Hotel with the likes of Little Hurricane and Blackout Party. They had played a show earlier that day in PB with the violinist from Dave Matthews Band but not a lot of people seemed to know about that show. I personally was excited to see Kevin Martin because I hadn’t seen that cool cat in ages. Actually, I was excited to see the whole band because it had been ages. I could tell everyone in the band from Steven Bradford to Isaac Cass was excited to play that night. They finally took the stage after Dead Feather Moon, who started late due to some sound issues.

Honestly, I had forgotten how large the catalogue of Get Back Loretta tunes was and I have no idea why. For some reason, I forgot about their latest release “Where Did You Go?” (silly because that was a staple during a breakup) which made me even more excited to hear the likes of Breakin’ Down, Grown So Cold, and Mrs. Miller. The set was chock full of classics such as Ketamine, Dreams Got Scattered, Over The Wall, and The Future of The Moon. I was really excited to see Steven unencumbered by his bass since Lauren Scheff has joined as bassist. Steven seemed to command the stage in a way that I hadn’t seen before and I was reminded of Get Back Loretta from times of old. The hour long set was full of poppy energetic fun and seemed to fly by way too fast. It was a dance party alright and I couldn’t have asked for a better night of friends and great music.

I’m super excited to hear their new/old record which is currently being recorded/produced by bassist Lauren Scheff. Until such time as that music comes out, I’ll leave you with Get Back Loretta on the Scheff Experience. Also, you can check out Get Back Loretta at the sites below…
Get Back Loretta FB

Get Back Loretta Website


Love for The Milk Carton Kids

I was in a mood this afternoon. It was the kind of mood not easily shook by a nap or kind words from a friend. This was a full on “the world sucks” kind of mood. And now, it’s gone. “Why is that,” you ask? Great question.

I was thrilled last month to discover my favorite duo The Milk Carton Kids would be back in San Diego and I was not going to miss out. However, the aforementioned mood damn near ruined my day and I almost didn’t make it out of the house. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was meeting a friend at the show, I probably would have stayed home. But I’m really glad I didn’t.

At the very first chords of the very first song, my mood was instantly lifted. As Joey and Kenneth continued to play songs new and old my spirits rose even more. Between their tunes, humor, and commentary, I was smiling and laughing with all traces of my previous mood and the irritants that caused it forgotten. It was exactly the kind of musical soul food I needed.

The thing about The Milk Carton Kids is they remind you of the depth and beauty that two guys with guitars can create. They are awkward, honest, and charming and it shows through in their songs. Tonight was a wonderful reminder how much music like that can touch you at your core. I remember watching the two of them play together before they created The Milk Carton Kids and I have to say, they have only gotten better with time. To sit in a large room and watch an entire floor rapt with attention at their presence and performance was… special. It was unexpected and well deserved. To see their audience and fan base grow has truly been a treat. I wish nothing but continued success for the adorably awkward pair.

You can download both their cds for free from their website! If you want the flavor of their individual songs such as Permanent, Charlie, Girls, Gather ‘Round and Queen Jane, go for Retrospect. If you want to hear what Joey and Kenneth created together, go for Prologue. Actually, you should just get both since they are free!

Buckcherry Recap

I’ll call my very first Buckcherry concert experience an amazing success. I don’t understand why people hate on this band. They put on a solid live show, have crazy energy, and are really interactive and generous with their fans…especially those of us in the front row! It was a crazy fun experience at 4th and B in San Diego and I look forward to doing it again!

I’d say more, but it’s time to head to the airport!

A few pictures from the show:

My new fave Buckcherry song:

~ Kristen

SD Show Calendar 5/17-5/23

Well well well, another week is upon us. There are a couple cool shows this week including Frightened Rabbit! They were suck in the UK during that whole volcano incident and were not able to come to Coachella. Anyways, on to the shows for this week. It seems like Thursday and Saturday this week are “the night” to go to a show. Times like these I wish there were more of me…

Monday: Lady Dottie and the Diamonds @ U31 $3 @10 p.m.

Tuesday: Horse Feathers @ The Casbah $8 adv/$10 day of @9 p.m.
AND: Misc. Ailments @ The Radio Room @8 p.m.

Wednesday: Illuminauts @ The Soda Bar $3

Thursday: Lelia Broussard @ Lestats
AND: Far @ Belly Up $15 adv/$17 day of @9 p.m.
AND: Gayle Skidmore and Trevor Davis with Dr. Seahorse @ Anthology $5 @7:30 p.m.
AND: Gregory Page @ Java Joes $5 @9 p.m.
AND: Future Islands @ Tin Can Alehouse $6 @9:30 p.m.

Friday: Curtis Peoples @ Lestats
AND: Astra Kelly @ The Waterfront @9 p.m.
AND: John Meeks and the Donkeys @ The Casbah $10 @9 p.m.

Saturday: Frightened Rabbit @ The Casbah
AND: OK GO @ SD House of Blues $18.50 adv/$20 day of @1:30 p.m.
AND: Flowerthief @ Tin Can Alehouse
AND: Weatherbox @ Che Cafe

Sunday: Kaki King @ Belly Up $15 adv/$17 day of @9 p.m.
AND: Nokie Edwards @ The Casbah $15 @9 p.m.

Keep In Mind:

May 28th- The Silent Comedy, Transfer, Dirty Sweet and Apes of Wrath @ North Park Theater $16
May 29th- Get Back Loretta @ The Casbah