Love for The Milk Carton Kids

I was in a mood this afternoon. It was the kind of mood not easily shook by a nap or kind words from a friend. This was a full on “the world sucks” kind of mood. And now, it’s gone. “Why is that,” you ask? Great question.

I was thrilled last month to discover my favorite duo The Milk Carton Kids would be back in San Diego and I was not going to miss out. However, the aforementioned mood damn near ruined my day and I almost didn’t make it out of the house. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was meeting a friend at the show, I probably would have stayed home. But I’m really glad I didn’t.

At the very first chords of the very first song, my mood was instantly lifted. As Joey and Kenneth continued to play songs new and old my spirits rose even more. Between their tunes, humor, and commentary, I was smiling and laughing with all traces of my previous mood and the irritants that caused it forgotten. It was exactly the kind of musical soul food I needed.

The thing about The Milk Carton Kids is they remind you of the depth and beauty that two guys with guitars can create. They are awkward, honest, and charming and it shows through in their songs. Tonight was a wonderful reminder how much music like that can touch you at your core. I remember watching the two of them play together before they created The Milk Carton Kids and I have to say, they have only gotten better with time. To sit in a large room and watch an entire floor rapt with attention at their presence and performance was… special. It was unexpected and well deserved. To see their audience and fan base grow has truly been a treat. I wish nothing but continued success for the adorably awkward pair.

You can download both their cds for free from their website! If you want the flavor of their individual songs such as Permanent, Charlie, Girls, Gather ‘Round and Queen Jane, go for Retrospect. If you want to hear what Joey and Kenneth created together, go for Prologue. Actually, you should just get both since they are free!