Local Musicians Giving Back to the Community

Holidays are a time of year where there is a huge emphasis on giving to the less fortunate. You don’t always put together local music and giving to the local community. At least I didn’t.  Well, about a dozen local SoCal bands did just that.  Hi.  My name is Ashley and Kristen and Amanda are letting me hijack their blog for this one post.  I work for a nonprofit agency called Child and Family Guidance Center in Palmdale.  We give all of our clients and their siblings (low income at risk youth) gifts for the holidays.  I got the bright idea to ask local bands to donate their merchandise and music to the teens as a unique and totally awesome gift.  I got so many more positive responses than I was expecting.  I was able to collect enough items to give 60 totally awesome gifts to the clients.  I was so moved that I asked Kristen if I could post a big THANK YOU (!) to all the bands.  It made my heart swell with happiness and warmth to know that they cared enough to donate their hard work.  Plus the clients really enjoyed getting the special gifts.

As an added bonus-Oh No Not Stereo gave me money to be able to run a music group for the teens.  Talk about my heart filling with even more gushy happiness.

Here is a list of the bands and their websites.  Check them out cause they rock.

Oh No Not Stereo: http://ohnonotstereo.com/blog/

Andy Frasco and the UN: http://andyfrasco.com/

Virtual Boy: http://wearevirtualboy.com/

Oedipus: http://oedipusband.com/

Blonde Summer: http://www.facebook.com/blondesummer

Saint Motel : http://saintmotel.com/

Dead Country: http://deadcountry.net/

Runner Runner: http://www.runnerrunnermusic.com/

Taylor Locke and The Roughs: http://www.tlatr.com/

Maniac: http://maniacmania.com/sonsofsummer.html

Some Hear Explosions: http://www.somehearexplosions.com/

The Silent Comedy: http://www.thesilentcomedy.com/

Fitz and the Tantrums: http://fitzandthetantrums.com/


~ Ashley (awebb@childguidance.org)