Watch This: Ram’s Pocket Radio’s New Music Video

All the way from Northern Ireland, Peter McCauley (AKA Ram’s Pocket Radio) caught my attention this year at SXSW with his catchy tune “1+2”. He just released a new video for the song “Deiter Rams has got the pocket radios” and I love it! Must share:


For more info on Ram’s Pocket Radio:!/ramspocketradio

Listen and Love!


~ Kristen

New Music Tuesday 7/26/11

It’s Tuesday! New music comes out today! Here’s what I’ve got on the top of my shopping list (there are some really good ones this week):


Living Like Kings in Confined SpaceHalos

I’ve enjoyed this band every time I’ve seen them. Their song “Amalgam” made my SXSW 2011 mix. I’m really looking foward to finally having this album. If you like soaring rock songs, you should check it out. And if you’re in LA, come to their record release party TONIGHT at The Viper Room. 8pm.

Download the album here




Joe Hursley (The Ringers) strikes again with this first album from his new band, Indians. This high energy debut does a decent job at capturing the crazy intensity of a live Indians performance. I’ve been listening to it since the CD release party at The Viper Room last Friday. Songs like “Long Way Home” and my favorite (at least thus far) “Dream Store” are perfect “get pumped up songs” and I’m finding this CD a perfect mood setter for a night out on the town.

Download the album here



Pressure and TimeRival Sons

I had no idea this CD wasn’t officially released yet. I’ve been groovin’ with it for weeks now. This LA based bluesy rock band has been on my list of acts to see ever since I first heard singer Jay Buchanan sing his first note at an intimate Hotel Cafe mini set. Rival Sons seem to be getting more notice lately; playing gigs around the world, having their video played on MTVU, and being nominated for classic rock Hall of Honour awards.  Definitely a group to keep your eyes on.

Buy the album here



LP1Joss Stone 

I haven’t heard any of this yet, but I’ve been a fan of this soulful Brit since 2003’s Soul Sessions and I’m definitely interested to see what she’s been up to lately.


Buy it here



Happy Listening!


~ Kristen

PS: apparently Nico Vega’s debut LP was not available worldwide on ITunes until today. This is one of my very favorite CDs so if you don’t yet have it, give it a download. You won’t regret it.


Gearing up for SXSW: Kristen’s 10 “Must See” Artists

TOMORROW, we leave for Austin. I’m in the midst of frenzied preparations. I haven’t been posting much these last couple of weeks, in part, due to the fact that every spare second I have managed to accumulate has gone to listening to artists I may get the chance to see at SXSW and preparing my lists and schedules.

I thought I’d share some of the artists I’m most looking forward to (a combination of old favorites and new discoveries). So, here it is. My 10 “Must See” Artists at SXSW ’11:

1. The Silent Comedy

These San Diego boys have been on my must see list for awhile now. Their growing popularity means they’ve been spending more time away from Southern California so I relish even more every chance I get to see them.

When to see them:

2. Queen Caveat

I’ve gotta go support my favorite up-and-coming LA band. For those of you not in LA, don’t miss one of the first opportunities to see Queen Caveat play outside of their hometown. SO much love for this band!

When to see them:


3. The Kin

These Australian brothers are favorites of mine from back east. One of the exciting things about SXSW is that it brings together favorite artists from all over the country/world. Also, be sure to follow The Kin on twitter so that you’ll know where they plan to do their next musical robbery on Saturday in Austin.

where to see them:


4. Empires

One of my favorite bands out of Chicago. I’d been itching to see them again since they opened for Biffy Clyro at Bootleg Theater.

where to see them:


5. Dash & Will

Two girls from Australia whose tunes caught my ear immediately. I’m even more excited to see them and buy their music, because finding their tunes to download in the US= nearly impossible.

where to see them:

6. Dead Sara

I’ve seen them three times in LA in the last month or so and I can’t remember the last time a band has blown my mind quite this much. Any chance I’ll get to see Dead Sara, I’m taking!

where to see them:



I’ve been wanting to see this new band out of Philly since its inception at the end of last year. I’ve been very jealous of all my Philly friends who have gone to their shows. Now it’s my turn!

where to see them: Friday 8pm: Austin Music Hall (208 Nueces) at the Monster Energy Showcase

8. The Lonely Forest

I adore this band out of Washington. They were actually on my SXSW ’10 mix. I was terribly sad to miss them play The Echo last week. I only justified my absence with the thought of seeing them play multiple times at SXSW.

where to see them:


9. Twin Atlantic

They’re from Scotland and they’ve opened for Biffy Clyro. What more do I need? Oh, I also am loving this tune…

where to see them:

ALSO: Weds 4pm at The PureVolume House (504 Trinity St)


10.Mother Mother

A band from Canada that I fell in love with a couple years ago thanks to the song “Hayloft”. I keep missing them when they come through LA, so I’m not going to miss out in Austin!

where to see them:


Honestly there are SO many excellent bands I’m looking forward to seeing at SXSW…can we say “scheduling conflicts”..Here are a few more (still not even half of what’s on my list)

We Barbarians
Fitz & The Tantrums
Hoots & Hellmouth
Joey Ryan
Atomic Tom
Jamestown Revival
Andy Clockwise
Chelsea Automatic
Jukebox the Ghost
The Blue Pages
The Gallery
Saint Motel
Brooke Fraser
The Stone Foxes
Allen Stone
Semi Precious Weapons
Fierce Creatures
Lelia Broussard
Nicole Atkins
Taylor Locke and The Roughs
Dan Wilson
Taddy Porter
Forrest Day
Scars on 45
Little Red Radio
Toy Bombs
Andrew Belle
The Deaf
Brett Dennen
American Bang
Ram’s Pocket Radio
Admiral Fallow
Makeshift Prodigy


We shall see how many of these bands make my final SXSW ’11 mix!

to check out last year’s mix click here

See you in Austin!


~ Kristen